Distribuidora Rotger S.L.

empathy and orientation to the client
Distribuidora Rotger S.L.
Rotger is a company specializing in marketing, distribution, and logistics of products of mass consumption since 1927.

We offer leadership in the market knowledge of Balearic consumption, speed and agility in response to their needs, as well as capacity
management and consultancy.

Initiative and commitment to teamwork
We preferably led retailers such as kiosks and stationers, tobacconists, bookstores, schools, companies and institutions.
Here you find everything to organize your parties.
Forget about touring shops to buy SNACKS on one site; plates, glasses, napkins and tablecloths on another; drinks elsewhere, decoration, etc.
Camino Viejo de Buñola, 35 - Son Castelló - 07009 Palma - Mallorca
Phone: 971 437 700 - Fax: 971 437 714
info@rotger.com - http://www.rotger.com