Talleres Con Bi

Metal Carpentry - Locksmith
Talleres Con Bi
We are a Mallorcan family company, founded in 1965. We are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of all types of works for construction, developers and the hotel industry working with iron, aluminum and stainless steel.
Iron - Aluminum - Stainless Steel
Any type of project in modern or classic style such as railings, sliding doors, bi-folding, stairs, fences barriers and Blacksmithing in general

sliding, casement, blinds shutters, using profiles that allow the manufacture of maximum guarantees of insulation and sealing with brands like Tecnal and Schüco

We manufacture to measure any project according to needs: gates, railings, spiral staircases... or project more ambitious and personal as: sculptures, clocks, lamps, tables etc. .
C/. Gremi Selleters i Basters, 24
Polígono Son Castelló - 07009 Palma de Mallorca - Mallorca
E-mail: info@con-bi.com
Phone: 971 432 172